GreenBlock Capital’s experience and long-term relationships allow us to provide our clients with M&A and Corporate Advisory Services that are essential for today’s complicated business landscape.  In working with GBC, our clients have a trusted advisor and someone they can count on to look out for their interests in every phase of a transaction.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

    Directional Focus & Target Identification
    Introduction & Outreach
•    Transactional Assistance

Corporate Finance Advisory Services

•    Bridge Loans & Direct Public Offerings (S1’s)
•    Equity and Debt Financing Introductions
•    Recapitalization and Debt Restructuring Advisory Services

GreenBlock Capital is dedicating to providing ongoing after market direction and guidance to our clients to enhance liquidity on the path to achieving strong valuations and timely exit strategies.

Post Public Offering Liquidity Advisory Services

    Shareholder Communication Strategies
    Corporate IR/PR Introductions
    Non Deal Institutional Road Shows